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Mallee Minds is proud to now offer Telehealth services for all Mallee residents. You now have comfortable, high-speed access to specialists all over country at a very reasonable price!

I have worked with clients whom have old phones, terrible phone plans and/or sketchy internet access. Sometimes you can’t find that space and privacy. Sometimes the wait for a visiting specialist is just far too long or the travel too far. Sometimes Mildura doesn’t even get specialists visiting at all!

On September 11th, 2020, I was lucky enough to get cable internet to the office in Eighth St. I have now set up a dedicated telehealth system, which I’m very excited about. Already with Microsoft Teams, Skype and Zoom connected to a 40-inch screen via laptop, it’s wired to the cable modem and ready to work at speeds my wireless NBN at home can only dream about! Our family paediatrician no longer visits Mildura due to his circumstances, and we have to use telehealth ourselves.

So what’s the process?

1. Get a referral from your GP for a specialist or other service whom uses telehealth.

2. Contact the specialist and make an appointment.

2. Give Mallee Minds a call/email to book the same time for that appointment – I will do my best to work with the time you have. Existing client appointments will take priority.

3. Bring the details with you and we’ll set it up. If you get sent a link to use, you can forward that to the details on my contact page.

You have the option of using noise-cancelling headphones with a built-in microphone, so you get comfort and privacy. I will always be at the office during telehealth, so help is close at hand.

How much does it cost?

Existing Mallee Minds clients and participants can use this service free of charge for any specialist as part of my services.

If you’re not a client, all you need to do is give me a call to book. The cost for non-clients is a voluntary gold coin donation to help offset the service cost. No pressure. No judgements. Just service. The equipment will be cleaned after each use, the rooms and facilities are cleaned regularly. Social distancing applies, however due to the nature of the service you are not required to wear a mask during the appointment. In addition, the telehealth equipment is moved to another room during regular appointments.