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Support Coordination

Mallee Minds is pleased to provide Support Coordination to NDIS participants whom are self- or plan-managed. Drawing from the experiences providing Psychosocial Recovery Coaching, the expansion into Support Coordination has been a logical step. The provision of Telehealth facilities at the Mallee Minds office also allows participants greater access to services who either do not or cannot visit Mildura.

As with PRC, one of the first things is finding a plan manager who is suited to your needs. They are the person/agency who manage your plan funds. Invoices and quotes for services are sent to them to pay via the portal. They can be a local provider or one based elsewhere.

Following plan manager nomination, the next task is going through your plan to get things moving. Sometimes this involves research or you may have a clear idea of products or services your plan has. I have already worked with clients whom have firm preferences for providers, however I’ve also worked with clients new to services.

Once services are in place, regular contact will occur to ensure your satisfaction and progress is made towards your goals. Throughout your plan, evidence and notes are recorded to ensure your next planning meeting comprehensively illustrates the previous twelve months and gives you the tools for the next twelve.

So why choose Mallee Minds?

Many service providers will charge the maximum rate from the NDIS Price Guide and offer a lengthy, wordy service agreement with a “take it or leave it” attitude. Terms and conditions will often be set by an external office, leaving you at the wrong end of a significant power imbalance.

All Mallee Minds hourly pricing is less than the Price Guide maximums and Support Coordination is no exception. The current price for 20-21 is $100.14/hr however our charge is $90. This gives us both extra time to work on those goals. No tricks. No gimmicks. No clauses or impossible conditions. Naturally the prices will change with Price Guide changes, however Mallee Minds will never charge the maximum rates. Mallee Minds will only adjust prices at the end of the financial year.

Aside from competitive pricing, you get personal service from a sole trader – I’m at the end of the phone line and emails. I’m also the one coming out to visit. You won’t get shunted around from caseworker to caseworker, having to re-tell your story. I am more than happy to discuss concerns and help work through any problems we encounter.

No epic service bookings! Many providers will make a service booking for the whole or large portion of your funding for their work. If you change providers, you need to get the previous one to unlock their booking to free up those funds. Mallee Minds will not charge for or book funding for services not yet supplied.

Contact me to have a chat about what I can do for you or someone you care for.