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Services and Privacy


I provide a safe, private and confidential space to explore issues and problems that people face. The purpose is to identify and refine strengths which are used to overcome obstacles. It sounds simple enough, however there’s often more to life than flow charts. Having a neutral, outside party can help that process.

Developing a quality, therapy-based relationship can take time and effort on both parts. Clients need to be comfortable and confident with a therapist, who should also share those feelings about their own capacity to help.

A quality counsellor won’t give you a fish, they will instead work on your fishing skills so you can walk away better-equipped to use your own strengths, resilience and capacity to tackle the future.

In order to minimise the risk of Covid-19, hand sanitiser and tissues are available. The consulting room is large enough to maintain safe social distancing. The office is regularly cleaned and disinfected. In addition, Skype and telephone appointments are also offered.


Home visits are available subject to negotiation.


Without privacy and confidentiality, the relationship between counsellor and client will not evolve to a productive and beneficial partnership. Any information or counsel remains private and confidential at all times.
There are three occasions where information may be discussed, and these are under very strict conditions.

1. A client poses a genuine threat to themselves or others. In this instance, authorities will be contacted. This policy extends across many different fields, however it needs to be noted. This includes acts or threats towards vulnerable people such as children.

2. Compelled by law. Certain circumstances, such as subpoena for court, may require information to be disclosed.

3. Seeking counsel. From time to time, counsellors will seek out other counsellors and discuss cases. There may be a particularly challenging issue and one may be more experienced or knowledgeable with that field. These conversations are strictly professional and do not involve identifying clients.

All information held at Mallee Minds is stored securely.