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Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Effective from 1st July, 2020, a new support item is now available for NDIS participants, called the Psychosocial Recovery Coach. This is a support found under the Support Coordination category. Their purpose is to provide support to people experiencing a psychosocial disability by building capacity, strengths and resilience. Working with participants, their families, carers and supports, they will design, plan, implement and adjust a recovery plan.

The objective of this item is to provide specialised, time-limited services to those with psychosocial conditions, as well as alleviate some of the workload for support co-ordinators. This new item is another example of how the NDIS is adapting and improving, particularly in the field of mental health.

My goal is to provide those services and help participants make the most of their plans. As this is a new initiative, there is always room to explore what can be done and how it can work in Mildura. Using my extensive networks I will tailor a recovery plan based on the needs of the individual and the best available services in the region. Unlike some agencies that push numbers on to already-overloaded caseworkers, I will work with fewer cases to allow greater attention to detail and consultation.

So what will it look like for me?

How it will appear and how it will work will be hugely dependant on the individual participant. From planning to support, the architecture will be based around realistic goals, appropriate local services and the relationships built between the particiapnt, myself, supports and programs. “Psychosocial” covers a lot of different situations and each situation will have it’s spectrum of features. The NDIS plan is your plan and you would have heard the phrase “choice and control”. So not only will the coaching be specific to you, I will also work hard to make sure you can make informed choices. For example, if you have a preferred service provider, we can start there. Or if you don’t know, we can work together to make the right choice for you.

Can you do both counselling and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching for one client?

In a word, no – seeing me as a counsellor means you won’t be able to also see me as a PRC, however that’s not to say counselling won’t be a part of the PRC service – it’s purpose is to promote strengths, resiliance and capacity building. As a counsellor I would focus on you as the individual, where as a PRC I would be doing that and identifying strengths, supports and services. I would also be working much closer with your plan and the people supporting you, such as your family and other supports. A report to the NDIA is required to provide evidence of activity and progress.

The notion of recovery may not apply to all psychosocial conditions and the wording, while implying an absence of symptoms, refers to an optimal state while living with or recovering from a mental health condition.

What do you charge for PRC services?

The current 2020/2021 NDIS price guide details the specific, maximum fees listed for all services. There are some exceptions, however providers are not required to charge at the maximum rate. Regardless of receiving these specific services, participants should become familiar with what and how much their providers are charging. Participants and providers are free to negotiate lower prices! You may find your provider charges the maximum rate. Your LAC, support coordinator or contact person should be your first call, however they may not be the person setting the rates. It’s your plan!
As for my own rates, the standard (Weekday, Daytime, 6am-8pm) rate is $70.00/hour. I am available on Saturdays, which is $100/hour. As you can see from the current NDIS price guide table my rates are below the set limits.

For participants using PRC supports, I provide information about the service as well as a comprehensive guide to the process as well as fees for different items. While prices may rise from time to time via the Priceguide, I will not change them until after the new financial year.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

The link below leads to the NDIS Mental Health Website

Mental Health and the NDIS