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NDIS Participant Information

While not an NDIS accredited service, I am able to provide Counselling, Support Coordintation and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching to participants who have either self-managed or plan-managed packages. For example, Counselling is part of Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living. The 2020-2021 NDIS price guide lists counselling services on page 99 at over $150 per hour as a maximum charge. My rate for Counselling appointments at the office is $110/hr. So if the NDIS gives you 10hrs of counselling on your plan at the maximum rate, that exchanges to over 13hrs with my services. Many services have their charges set to the maximum permitted. This practice of blanket charging is not something Mallee Minds is participating in.

NDIS participants with any plans are reminded they can negotiate fees and charges with any providers they are able to use. If a service is charging the maximum and unwilling to move, find another provider that will.

My rates are set with the same “reasonable and necessary” philosophy in mind. They are competitive with other similar services as well as being below the maximum. I am open to negotiate more flexible appointments, such as Saturdays, after-hours and home visits.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

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