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Local Art

When developing Mallee Minds I wanted a distinctly local feel. A sterile, bland, non-descript environment is not conducive to comfort! So I set about looking for local artwork to help shape that. During Covid-19 was an ideal time to find it.

The first person I approached was Aaron Hawkins, a local photographic artist behind Hawkeye Photography. If you visit his website or his Facebook page you need to set aside some time as it’s filled with glorious local scenes. It was a very tough choice, but his river photograph is the background on the Mallee Minds website and FB page. The colours are stunning and the themes of life, beginning and the river were a great fit. An enlarged canvas print is behind the reception area.

I next looked for artwork that would capture some of the other important themes of the Mallee, such as the beauty and resilience. Stephen Killeen is another local photographic artist who captures some wonderful images for his website and Facebook page. It was a true struggle to narrow the field down and I just wanted to buy more hooks! His prints hang in reception and the consulting room.

Voices of First Nations peoples are often missing, despite ubiquitous acknowledgements of country on email signatures and passing references in mission statements. I wanted artwork that told the importance of the river and country beyond my own limited experiences and understandings. I live and work in Latji Latji and Barkindji lands and so much is connected to the river. I found Elisha and Corey who run Miiki Puuri Mandi – Aboriginal Art. I chose two pieces – “Healing by the River” and “Connection to Country” as they are both beautiful and significant.

Connection to Country
‘Connection to Country’ by Elisha Mangal

Finally some art that’s very close to my heart. My sons Luca and Markus made some very special pieces that remind me how important I am to them. They help keep me centred and curious about the world. I will have to find something from my daughter to complete the portfolio though.

Dad You Rock
I (heart) dad