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Covid-19 Information

Due to the ongoing and uncertain nature of Covid-19, this page is designed to inform clients and potential clients of the measures taken by Mallee Minds to avoid spreading.

  1. The office is cleaned thoroughly and regularly to reduce any chances of infection.
  2. Hand sanitiser is provided at the front desk for appointments.
  3. The use of face masks is currently mandatory in Victoria for people over 12 years of age. This is the case travelling to and from the office, however inside the office is exempted as per DHHS guidelines which includes “Persons whose professions require clear enunciation or visibility of their mouth. This includes teaching or live broadcasting”.
  4. Home visits in Victoria are available, however social distancing and other precautions will occur. Telephone and Skype appointments can certainly be negotiated as an alternative.
  5. Home visits to NSW can continue under the exemption of care for vulnerable people, which includes mental health. Border town exemptions apply for entry to NSW for the purposes of work.
  6. Mallee Minds is exempted from having a COVIDSafe Plan due to the size of the business.